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Health & Wellness

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Health & Wellness Abroad



Going abroad is an exciting experience! At CEA CAPA, we believe that planning for your health and wellness before you arrive at your program destination is key to enjoying your program to the fullest. 

We encourage you to talk to your current medical provider(s) about how to best care for your wellbeing abroad, and how medical services in your program destination may differ from what you’re used to receiving at home. Additional information on health and travel may be found online through the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). 

Once you apply to CEA CAPA, you will be able to share any information that will allow us to assist you in planning medical and support services, accommodations, or appointments you may need while onsite. Our Health, Safety and Student Affairs team is also available to speak with you individually.  

You will also have access to your individual CEA CAPA Student Portal where you can: 

  • Read more about health and wellness abroad.
  • Obtain additional health and wellness tips and resources to help you prepare for your valuable abroad experience. 
  • Learn about our international accident and illness insurance coverage. 



The recent COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated that we must continue to maintain vigilance and navigate education abroad programming with public health concerns as a top priority. Please review our Program Updates and Public Health Protocols for our current policies and guidance for operating abroad during a pandemic or public health emergency.   
We strongly recommend that all students are up to date on all CDC recommended vaccinations for your program location and any destinations you may travel to. 


Staying healthy and well helps you get the most out of your experience abroad as well as support academic success. We are prepared to support you if you become ill or experience a health emergency during your program. Every program destination has a local CEA CAPA team trained in student support and emergency response, and they are available to assist you onsite. During the mandatory onsite orientation, our CEA CAPA team will provide valuable information on where to receive medical care or fill a prescription, what to do in an emergency, and how to maintain your overall wellbeing. You will also receive a 24/7 emergency phone number to call a CEA CAPA team member if you have a serious health emergency.


Your program includes an international accident and illness health insurance plan administered through Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI). It was specifically designed to meet most insurance needs of students abroad. We encourage you to speak with your support network and your current insurance provider to discuss any unique insurance needs you may have. 

This insurance coverage is valid from the CEA CAPA program start date to the program end date and is included in your overall program cost. We will enroll you in the insurance coverage two to three weeks before your program start date. If you plan to travel after your CEA CAPA program ends, we encourage you to extend your CISI insurance coverage for 30 days by contacting CISI directly at 800-303-8120 or

Some highlights of the insurance plan include: 

  • Generous benefits for medical care up to policy maximums
  • Pre-existing condition and mental health treatment coverage 
  • Emergency medical reunion and evacuation services 
  • Provider referral services and emergency assistance
  • Easy process for filing insurance reimbursement claims 

You can find the current CISI brochures with complete details by clicking the links below:


CISI partners closely with AXA Team Assist which is an international emergency assistance company available to help you while abroad. Calling AXA Team Assist gives you access to information about local medical providers, where the nearest hospital is located, instructions on what to do in an emergency, and more. AXA Team Assist is available 24/7 and their contact information will be provided during our onsite orientation. 


CEA CAPA is committed to helping all students access an abroad opportunity. If you receive accommodations or services at your home university and would like the same support during your program, it is important that you speak with your CEA CAPA advisor early in the pre-departure process. Request a copy of the Academic & Residential Life Accommodation Request Form and provide a detailed account of your accommodation requests.  

Accommodations may differ greatly in your program destination from what you currently receive, or they may not be available at all. CEA CAPA cannot guarantee that accommodations will be available to you. We will work closely with you to investigate the possibilities for accommodations in your desired program destination. Please be prepared to provide supporting documentation from your home institution and your healthcare providers for any accommodation requests.

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