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Global Dialogues
Online Lecture Series

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About Global Dialogues

Global Dialogues is an international, cross-cultural, and virtual lecture series. Similar to CEA's practice at our onsite locations, this lecture series invites distinguished scholars, intellectuals, professionals, and entrepreneurs to present and discuss themes and topics with connections to our courses. They are open to CEA's student body, our US university partners, and colleagues from our international communities. This series presents the unique opportunity to unite guests from across our sites within one virtual and global environment, facilitating cross-cultural and comparative exchange. Though speakers will address subjects of global interest, most themes and topics will be approached through a local lens, offering exposure to perspectives otherwise difficult to find.


2021 Archives

2020 Archives

“CEA’s Global Dialogue Series helped give context to this unprecedented time in the field of international education. Amidst the outpouring of virtual offerings after the start of the pandemic, CEA’s Global Dialogues stood out with unique, thoughtful topics, and a format that provided a connection to the international community at a time when many of us felt isolated from the rest of the world. Expert panelists invited us to view current events from a variety of different perspectives, and this type of multi-dimensional thinking is essential fuel for the innovative solutions we’re all looking for in this difficult time. I’m grateful to the Global Dialogue Series for reminding us of the importance of looking outside our personal worldview when confronting a challenge, and for emphasizing the mission we all share in international education of an ever-greater intercultural understanding.”

Lisa Cummins, Education Abroad Advisor at University of North Georgia

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